Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Working Designer Wednesday

I love that this little Wednesday post has become a favorite for so many of you! Lots to share with you today. Here we go…

1. Love knowing the story behind a beautiful funeral design…here’s one from JP Parker Flowers

“…a woman came in and wanted to discuss flowers for her Grandmother’s service. We went into our quiet consultation space and I closed my mouth and opened my ears. She talked about the property her Grandparents owned and how many pine trees were there and how many animals would saunter in to graze on the grass. Her Grandmother loved wild life and the woods. Her favorites were the deer and the cardinal birds. She said that her Grandmother would photograph the deer every year and give them names. By photographing and naming them, she was able to loosely track their families from year to year. (I loved this story!) Her favorite color was blue. She was patriotic. She had two children, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren (and the granddaughter wanted to represent each with a flower). At her Grandfather’s funeral, there were wood roses incorporated into the casket piece. She and her Grandmother both kept those wood roses safe through the years and asked that we incorporate them into the design.”

funeral woodlandsympathy jp parker flowers accompanying story on blog

2. A wonderful flower crown tutorial by Jennie Love (Love ‘n Fresh Flowers)…read it here.


3. Five Favorite Flowers for a Gravel Garden on Gardenista…check them out here.

garden allium nigrum and veronica

4. Designers who will provide you with plenty of inspiration…


Eddie Zaratsian 

designer qnbjBsyBoPnqkkCiRSWtv45gBYMb-Iv1WBPWhQYYDUOSzRF7Re0z2c5xc ashley fox

Ashley Fox 

designer 524990_677756728101_1741290563_n sachi rose pollard

Sachi Rose 

designer 1000705_648703861824242_588895050_n karen tran and joseph matthew photo

Karen Tran 

designer garden MollyWood_Headshot

Molly Wood (garden design)

designer philippa_i3 philippa craddock

 Philippa Craddock

5. The beauty of salvage from Ipomea

before and after ipomea before 532702_505330439520829_11423719_n

before and after ipomea after 601745_505330729520800_1496937712_n

6. Behind the scenes…

behind the scenes 9129483347_8a185e4663 valley flower company

Valley Flower Company 

behind the scenes anchoring spheres 1014411_687283257964351_1319218506_n zest


behind the scenes 1069853_663635413650259_408019387_n mood flowers

Mood Flowers 

behind the scenes sympathy shoot 1044603_554029807969109_345655312_n dr delphinium

Dr. Delphinium 

behind the scenes Tree-prep wild at heart

Wild at Heart 

7. Lovely presentation ideas…

presentation 534809_487415921346984_1653700962_n park place design

Park Place Design 

presentation decor-svadby-flowerbar-003


presentation of bouts and corsages 600742_10151957357543362_1844350379_n alluring blooms

Alluring Blooms 

presentation of pomander 970336_640925742603597_1078243218_n jo flowers

Jo Flowers 

presentation PieRanch5 r Braedon Flynn photo and the cutting garden

The Cutting Garden and Braedon Photography

8. I’m going to leave you with a set of photos that touched me deeply this week. The bride’s father came out of hospice care to accompany her down the aisle. He passed away the following day. The emotion in the photos speaks for itself…

photography MelissaEric-171 swoon by katie

photography MelissaEric-181 swoon by katie

 Swoon by Katie (photography)

Have a wonderful Wednesday…make it count!