Monday, July 1, 2013


69221_565224153497063_503600207_n blush floral design

Blush Floral Design

226490_10151560233280522_989487654_n bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows 

300457_484498098229163_135098777_n florisity


320094_444922588924281_1886616522_n the blue carrot

The Blue Carrot

485228_317791308349066_56417865_n floret flower farm

Floret Flower Farm 

558144_520610837995392_732019654_n primary petals

Primary Petals 

625671_567357806637304_443744168_n jay archer floral design

Jay Archer Floral Design 

733959_10151550999171011_987351723_n florali




947157_10151480796569807_627928857_n exquisite weddings chicago alex jusino

Exquisite Designs

orange1 mckenzie powell

McKenzie Powell

poppies copy ariel dearie

Ariel Dearie 

poppies in home  denise fasanello

Denise Fasanello


Blush Flowers

poppiesandroses pollen floral art

Pollen Floral Art 

poppy IMG_9593 ellamah


Rustic Vintage (14)f imbue weddings

Cotton Blossom 

Southern-weddings-poppy-centerpieces shea hopely flowers

Shea Hopely Flowers

superbowl sunday_03 busy b blogspot flowers

Flowers by Busy B 

tea party 283983_135845716499869_5414141_n hello blossoms au

 Hello Blossoms

Happy Monday!


K. Barber-Flower Farmer said...

Now you have my attention. Love poppies

Emelie @florainspiro said...

Love poppies! Specially those creamy yellow on pic #4 ;)
My dream is to plant poppies in different colours in a kind of wild part of my parents garden and that the poppies could spread and become a little poppy field...

Jenny N said...

ugh, the gorgeousness! I can't take it!

Mimi said...

Thanks for sharing this incredible collection of poppy flower arrangements and bouquets.

Emily said...

I adore poppies. It's so tough to get them here in Kansas City, but when we can it's worth it!