Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monobotanical Designs

I’m crazy about the simplicity and tailored look of a monobotanical design. Using a single flower type makes a huge visual statement while, at the same time, allowing the eye to rest. Don’t let the look of simplicity in a monobotanical design fool you, though. These can be some of the most difficult designs to execute. If you don’t believe me, try achieving the perfection of the calla centerpiece by Belle Fleur

monobotancial Blue Sky Photography - Planet Flowers - Glenbervie House (7)

Planet Flowers and Blue Sky Photography 

monobotanical 24754_412182526339_1767748_n the garden gate dallas

The Garden Gate 

monobotanical 167749_182726208416716_6933682_n michael george

Michael George 

monobotanical 552441_360935453977138_52301988_n flora fauna

Flora Fauna 

monobotanical 7782_614345825244579_1391826457_n sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen 

monobotanical 581129_392984764071548_641126002_n affair with george

Affair with George 

monobotanical Barmitzvah pollen nation

Pollen Nation 

monobotanical ChateauLakeLouiseWedding10 orange girl

Orange Girl Photography 

monobotanical DanaeaMike_0226_Edit fleurtacious designs

Fleurtacious Designs and Elario Photography

monobotanical DSCF4143 bloom by Anuschka

Bloom by Anuschka 

monobotanical Fasbinder0133 erin volante

Erin Volante Floral and Freeland Photography

monobotanical lilac jen huang photo and blue magnolia

Blue Magnolia and Jen Huang Photography 

monobotanical medDSC_0229  L'Oasis floral design

L’Oasis Floral Design 

monobotanical MillPhoto-20100515-091 carnations last petal austin

Last Petal 

monobotanical ranunculas michael george

Michael George 

monobotanical IMGP5937-960x1280 jay archer

Jay Archer Floral Design 

monobotanicalJewel_3_LL belle fleur

Belle Fleur 

monobotanical 389245_424658504234020_613797928_n b floral

b floral 

monobotanical wed_tc4_expanded belle fleur

Belle Fleur 

Happy Tuesday!

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Denise Fasanello said...

love seeing these. Clean and chic. Micheal George is a master