Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Working Designer Wednesday

Here we are again…Wednesday! So much to share…

1. You know how I love ‘before and after’ photos…

before and after flora nova seattle

Flora Nova 

michele m waite photography

before and after spruce staionery washington BA_cashwrap

before and after spruce stationery washington BA_designbar

Spruce Stationery & Design


2. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy…

~Which flowers are sold in standard pack sizes? Which flowers are sold by the stem? Find out from Mayesh.

~Learn how to create a chic hanging herb garden at Gardenista.

~Get to know Susanne from The Blue Carrot in this interview.


3. Some shots behind the scenes…love to see what’s going on during the process…don’t you?

behind the scenes 375149_565719310155721_570284283_n lilla bello

Lilla Bello

behind the scenes 600330_522992841087922_1219020106_n ipomea


behind the scenes 943400_10151644414905935_815976668_n lani elizabeth

Lani Elizabeth

behind the scenes 954670_10153080541720510_369546390_n planet flowers

Planet Flowers 

behind the scenes 971414_374033116058218_563950170_n floret flower farm

Floret Flower Farm 


4. Isari Flower Studio recently introduced signature soy wax candles made from recycled wine bottles…

candle 1148805_10151777453553678_151865769_n


5. Love these booth spaces…

booth at farmers market 264595_10151599857339144_1383800140_n tulip


booth radandinlove_cream_13-4538 at cream with 2 other vendors  Rad   In Love photo and art with nature

Art with Nature


6. Check this out…a hidden garden in San Francisco…read the full story here.

bb lutsko overview

bb lutsko 4

bb lutsko 2

images via Lutsko Associates and Contemporist


7. Want to know how Amanda (Amanda Taffinder Flowers) attached this floral garland to the stone archway? She graciously shared her mechanics with us…

castle St Mawes arch

castle St Mawes Castle arch

My amazing Dad kindly shaped a piece of metal pipe to an arch shape and I attached an oasis sausage to the metal arch with cable ties. It was great as the oasis didn't roll round. It was very secure this way, so when you put flowers and foliage in, they stayed where you placed them, instead of the oasis rolling forwards under the weight, if you see what I mean?

Where the arch ends on each side, there luckily was a flat ledge of stone, so my Dad cut 2 bits of wood and drilled a hole in each for the end of the metal arch to slot into, so the arch fitted really really snugly into the stone arch.  Also, there are air vents at about 11 and 2'oclock, and you can drop rope/string down through them in a loop and round the metal arch, so it does not fall forwards and out of place.

In the first photo…you can see the groove within the arch. We were able to rest/fit the metal arch into this, which helped with placement and secureness.

The metal pipe was about half an inch thickness.”

Thank you, Amanda!


8. Always amazed at the incredible images from Jose Villa

jose villa 482005_10151117848764711_114182057_n photographing wedding flowers by natalie bowen designs

How does he make this…

jose villa 577608_10151298831602581_1944080411_n flowerwild workshop

…look like this?!

jose villa 55810008-750x1024 flowerwild workshop

We’re blessed that he shares his gift with so many in the flower business. Thanks Jose Villa!


9. The floral dress created by Julia Rose for QT Fashion Week 2013 is featured in a new video by HotChilli Productions…enjoy!

Flowers by Julia Rose


10. My favorite quote recently came from Daevid Reed (Daevid’s)…

“Question of the day....."What do you do on your days off?" My reply… "I celebrate Christmas and Easter! " 

Happy Wednesday!

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