Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Working Designer Wednesday

Here we go with the Wednesday goodies…

1. Never seen a dahlia quite this big…

wednesday 1234236_10151804532472025_219586062_n huge dahlia rebel rebel

Rebel Rebel


2. Watch as Nina e i Fiori magically creates:

-a large scale arrangement

-a floral arch


3. What do you do when the ladies need to use the Men’s Restroom at an event?

wednesday when ladies take over the men's room1016870_10151740255950033_359052669 _n  michael daigian design

Michael Daigian 


4. A few flower varieties I’m swooning over at the moment…

varieties  Super-Sensation-Spray-rose drammechter dot com

‘Super Sensation’ spray rose (Drammechter)

varieties 48097_370035493124647_534143494_n 'Crichton Honey' dahlia floret flower farm

‘Crichton Honey’ dahlia (Floret Flower Farm)

varieties 969747_10151719554599334_1059909260_n bridal piano garden roses in natural beauties floral studio

‘Bridal Piano’ garden rose (Natural Beauties Floral)

varieties 1236515_10151888780662975_963048443_n 'royal fizz' holly chapple

‘Royal Fizz’ rose (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers)

varieties Love n Fresh Flowers 970426_593303134035080_1451224382_n 'Transformer' nigella

‘Transformer’ Nigella (Love ‘n Fresh Flowers)


5. Discover which apps are considered the 10 best garden design apps for your iPad by Gardenista

garden design app l gardenista

image via Michelle Slatalla


6. Wondering how to anchor a Manzanita branch in a pot for a design you’ve dreamed up? Check out this tutorial.

man filled-vase-foam


7. A quick look at the ways some of you transport your flowers…

transporting flora organica designs 1236118_10151895770195152_1329267565_n

Flora Organica Designs 

transporting 1208513_545967948785582_1864917330_n farmgirl flowers

Farmgirl Flowers 

transport Lauren-wagon wild bunch studio transporting flowers from vehicles to the venue on wagons

Wild Bunch Studio (great idea for getting flowers from your vehicle to the venue)

transport  07092011 859 floret flowers

Floret Flower Farm


8. Guess who will be teaching her ‘Hollyish’ designs in Russia this November in collaboration with Flowerbazar?


Read more about the vision leading up to the announcement of Holly’s Moscow trip on her blog. I can’t help myself…look at Olga and Yuriy (of Flowerbazar) keeping their fingers crossed in Moscow in hopes that the master class would become a reality.

olga 20130714_000106

Congratulations Olga, Yuriy, Holly & Evan! For information on how to sign-up for this master class, visit here.


9. Love the way these consultation areas reflect the designers’ personalities and, in turn, their floral design style…

studio 1175335_10151768152119144_741545896_n tulip


studio consult area primary petals 1098171_572426376147171_583528354_n

Primary Petals 

studio consultation area 1170833_10151513282752364_224793792_n spruce edina


studio natural beauties floral 1001118_10151750360864334_121337159_n

Natural Beauties Floral 

studio showroom 1236428_661506083861886_1972680903_n sullivan owen

studio sullivan owen1075828_644261375586357_2044289953_n

Sullivan Owen 

studio Consult area -Best-pic posh

Posh Floral Designs and Kate Brewer Photography


10. One other favorite space…the ‘Cool Room’ at Philippa Craddock Flowers

studio 'cool room' 154507_341566742567901_2057180793_n  philippa craddock

Have a great Wednesday, y’all!


Laurie Garza said...

I love the Super Sensation spray rose! I have the tag from it on my bulletin board. All the consultation areas are so wonderful. Maybe someday...

Mimi said...

Amy, thanks so much for this post. It's chockful of fun, practical and beautiful ideas.

Nikki S said...

Love this post!