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Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: Session 33

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The Question:

What is your policy on posting photos of your weddings on social medium? Do you only post after the Bride has seen everything in person? Do you post before the wedding? Do you ask the Bride her preference as part of your contract?


The Answers:

We do not post pictures of the bride until after ceremony time. We don't want the groom or guests to see the bride via social media. I do,however, post pictures during set up because I love sharing our wedding day adventures. I also post the bridal bouquets as I create them. Most of my brides enjoy getting a sneak preview of the flowers. If a wedding has the potential for submission I am way more guarded about what I share. I also have to be mindful if there is a wedding planner who designed the event involved. Often a wedding planner claims ownership of the event if they designed it, and I don't want to step on any toes. If I am the designer of the entire event I say it, if I was collaborating with an event design firm I make certain I include their company names in on any social media that shows their aspect of the design. In addition my contract clearly states this...Holly Heider Chapple Flowers Ltd. reserves the right to use any ideas and or pictures from this event for marketing, social media, or website development. The clients signature on the contract means they agree to that term.

-Holly Chapple (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers)


I do have a section in my contract that says that I will post photos of the wedding online with the permission of the photographer. The client can opt out of this if they want to. I also have a section in the contract for them to write in requests about my posting photos, not posting their faces, names, etc.

I frequently post photos of the weddings I am working on on instagram, and have yet to have someone ask me not to. I have some clients that follow me on instagram, and have wondered if it was appropriate to show photos of their flowers before the wedding day. But so far, in all of these situations my client has loved seeing the flowers before their wedding day.

-Sarah Winward (Honey of a Thousand Flowers)


I love posting photos of my wedding work online. I always do, before and after the wedding, unless a bride asks me not to.  I think pre-wedding "sneak peeks" are exciting for the bride. Especially as the last few days before the wedding can be stressful, I think a peek of the pretty flowers can be calming and reassuring that things are coming together!  I've only had ONE bride request that I not post anything online before she gets a chance to see it, as she knew that I did for past clients, and that was totally fine with me!

-Liz Rusnac (Liz Rusnac Floral Design)


I stipulate in my contract that I'm able to take photographs of my work and use them however I wish. I often share images pre-wedding. I have yet to have a problem with a client. In fact, many of them love seeing a sneak peek as the designs are being created.

-Clare Day (Clare Day Flowers)


Photo policy can be a little tricky but I discuss it in detail with each bride and I've never had any problems. In the contract it says that I have the right to use photos of the flowers, for example in social media. Then I always ask the bride if they are ok with photos of her and the groom. Most of the times they are just fine with that. But I've had couples that didn't want to show their faces and a few times when I could only feature the flowers. Sometimes the bride doesn’t want to see the flowers before we hand them over and in those cases I suggest that they don't check social media the day before and on the day. And in some cases I post it after the wedding.

I always try to be flexible and as long as we have an agreement (preferably in writing), I'm happy.

-Emelie Ekborg (Svenska Blomsterbloggar)


We have no policy in place and have always posted photos before, during and after a wedding: the wholesale flowers arriving at the studio, the preparation of designs and the finished bouquets, ceremony set up and reception rooms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have never thought to ask a bride her preference and have only ever received positive feedback from our brides who spot their weddings on our social media. Often, one of the reasons they have come to Mood Flowers in the first place is because they have been following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The exception to this is when we post the official photographs on our social media. We would always ask the photographer’s permission and often the bride’s. 

-Nick Priestly (Mood Flowers)


Thanks Nick, Emelie, Clare, Liz, Sarah & Holly!


I’ll leave you with some gorgeous designs by Poppies & Posies

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Jen Huang Photography

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Untitled  R Wagner Photography and poppies and posies

R Wagner Photography


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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