Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Working Designer Wednesday

Good Morning, flower friends! Let’s get right to the fun…


1. Occasionally a floral designer makes a comment that strikes a chord with me. Here are a few recent favorites:

“The tension is so strong, once it’s over... I feel I have left a bit of my soul behind.”

“I think it's because as creative people our work is sharing a part of us – it’s quite personal.”

“That anxiety and attention to detail is what makes you great. If you lose that....means maybe it’s time to do something else.”

“Every wedding is a journey through complete self doubt, with creeping in panic sometimes. Every time I ask myself: Why on earth did I think I'm any good at this? And then, once it’s all over, I feel sooo happy I did it.”

2. Storefronts I love…some have nothing to do with flowers, but everything to do with great design…

store front bottega veneta 51e087cb0b8d6

Bottega Veneta

storefront 640_fuzzco-exterior-1 remodelista

Fuzzco via Remodelista

storefront 20813_589541957755197_98992784_n


storefront 554940_552008224838973_85955796_n fleurdetroit


storefront IMG_2175 hawaii


3.  Check out the write up on Landet Jarna Flower Shop over at Addicted to Retail…a unique approach to sourcing flowers!


Mikael Axelsson/Mikael Creative Photography

4. Some favorite shop interiors…again, some have nothing to do with flowers, but I love the design…

shop 485740_579620232082606_872631215_n hens and chicks

Hens and Chicks

shop 994868_574084525966669_1801993166_n Mark;s Garden Floral Design Los Angeles

Mark’s Garden

shop 1176184_10151649962238402_2058009686_n lonny magazine Follain Boston's new all-natural beauty shop


shop 6253533199_bf1c274629_b


shop Blue-Eyed-Daisy serenbe

Blue Eyed Daisy

5. Love the time lapse video of this ceremony…designed by Chrisopher Confero Design…watch it here.


6. Bouquet presentation ideas…

presentation 944752_608863252465999_1714109502_n chestnuts & vine

Chestnut & Vine 

presentation 1009822_619222461443063_1031353814_n sublime stems dot com

Sublime Stems

presentation blumeboxes$!600x  Todd France Photographer and true florette

True Florette and Todd France Photographer

presentation mason jar bouquets  bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows 

7. Elisa Event Design teaches you how to make an ombre wrapped bottle here…with beautiful step-by-step photography by Madalina Vana


8. More great outdoor spaces…

outdoor 577439_504018862990350_1149591420_n  the creeping fig

The Creeping Fig

outdoor 945960_555613991164265_1284465992_n troy rhone garden design

Troy Rhone Garden Design

outdoor 1001225_564692520256317_1607846293_n bhg

Better Homes & Gardens

outdoor 1009904_539556609436575_1841417955_n jessica simpsons house on cote de texas

Cote de Texas (Jessica Simpson’s house)

9. Let’s wrap this up with one of my favorite features…behind the scenes!

behind the scenes 935206_567383396626933_1205273246_n the arrangement company

The Arrangement Company 

behind the scenes 994388_671267349579682_1432643539_n Bill Sykes Photography and jay archer floral design

Jay Archer Floral Design and Bill Sykes Photography

behind the scenes 1236318_10151809112949334_1750389311_n natural beauties floral

Natural Beauties Floral

behind the scenes 1384198_679659675378921_999847422_n mondo floral designs

Mondo Floral Designs

behind the scenes Adriann floral art

Floral Art

Until next time…

Have a great Wednesday!


Lesa Atteo said...

Amy, those comments truly hit home. Thanks for sharing. And love, love......all the pics!

Betsy Bigler said...

Thank you for this fantastic post! Actually, all your posts are fantastic! I really love True Florette''s.boxes...where can I find those??

Anonymous said...

You don't have it posted but my favorite interior is the shop of Eddie Zaratsian