Thursday, January 16, 2014

Studio Organizing Inspiration

 When I see beautiful and creative storage options, I hang on to them to share with you…since many of you seem to be looking for ideas as you build or remodel your studio spaces…

studio organizing 554947_564295056962730_2105652536_n creeping fig

Creeping Fig

studio organizing 988704_10151756426609144_844403134_n tulip


studio organizing 1150324_280673378737781_1903068_n


shop 644118_610350918980510_1184723872_n fleur girl

Fleur Girl 

shop mondo floral designs 0P1A87611

shop organizing mondo floral design 0P1A87531-682x1024

Mondo Floral Design 

studio organizing building-character-office-0513-lgn bhg

Better Homes & Gardens

studio organizing mla102284_0207_creative_xl martha stewart

Martha Stewart 

studio2 fleurs nyc


studio 485886_662331020449557_349628212_n french grey

French Grey

studio storage paisley petals flower studio 1381236_591119100934665_919839147_n

Paisley Petals

studio organizing and first love photo JM3A9952 (1)

Petal and First Love Photography

Have a great Thursday!


Lesa Atteo said...

I love them all.

Great flower lady said...

UGH I can always wish!!

Heather Potter said...

Ahhh, these make me so happy! Getting ready to make some changes at my shop, and planning to reorganize the work room, and these are fabulous inspiration!

Botanique said...

This is great, and so perfectly timed, as my studio is now finished (minus some great shelving/organization)! Thanks Amy!!! You seem to have an uncanny knack for posting just the right thing at just the right time :)