Monday, March 31, 2014

Best Bouquets + The Arm

A while back a reader jokingly told me I should write a post about “the arm”. You know, the one that mysteriously appears all around the world and holds a bouquet for the camera? We have no idea who the arm belongs to, but I’ve noticed something. The arm holds some of the most beautiful bouquets I’ve ever seen. Makes me wonder if the arm has standards…

arm 998138_642439699118868_563135180_n jo flowers

Jo Flowers 

arm 1012091_10152283255145522_721345293_n bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows 

arm 1185648_662247187120278_398740138_n tinge floral


arm 1234572_685337721495732_1078635431_n jo flowers

Jo Flowers

arm 1375983_682644338414727_1825276461_n sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen 

arm 1381378_225037044327919_463491550_n amanda taffinder flowers

Amanda Taffinder Flowers 

arm 1545177_10152180903570522_1404326027_n bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows

arm 1613977_515798881863018_79645608_n thistle and honey

Thistle and Honey

arm 1947712_10152236236074711_898574412_n natalie bowen designs

Natalie Bowen Designs 

arm Copy of jewel springwell gardens

Springwell Gardens 

arm epoch floral 1004935_10151759003282010_47901559_n

Epoch Floral 

arm fat cat flowers 1966748_689785591060566_304200639_n

Fat Cat Flowers 

arm holly chapple1898217_10151929622191697_228082229_n

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers 

arm the blue carrot 581305_587439044672634_2134658257_n

The Blue Carrot 

arm bows and arrows 1509122_10152301402030522_1013907546_n

Bows and Arrows

arm the blue carrot 1148897_603628126387059_231042143_n

The Blue Carrot

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Flowers For Your Head

floral crown 52ba5d9191b53$!600x and Karen Obrist Photography

Floressence and Karen Obrist Photography

flower crown calie rose and Kristina Curtis Photography  1383525_681662765178950_1508142053_n

Calie Rose and Kristina Curtis Photography

flower crown celadon & celery and ann street studio Edythe-CC-4

Celadon & Celery and Ann Street Studio

flower crown maxit flower design houston and ulrich G. Von Dran  photo 1375816_667689429916727_80447810_n

Maxit Flower Design and Ulrich G. Von Dran Photography

flower crown teal-blush-woodland-shoot-04(pp_w8 40_h628) and laurel mcceonnell photo

Floressence and Laurel McConnell Photography

head  Ashley Sawtelle photo and bare root flora 52b0ec4e7f29f$!400x

Bare Root Flora and Ashley Sawtelle Photography

head 1392721_702939209719012_1501023154_n affair with george

Affair with George

head 1505157_712410788790980_573642646_n love n fresh flowers and Love Me Do Photography

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers and Love Me Do Photography

head 1623344_295721363911955_1637019439_n sara balmer and three irish girls photo

The Florista and Three Irish Girls Photography

head bornay 1382865_591202244290379_1084453188_n

Flowers by Bornay 

head Camilla Binks  photo Crown 1 flower afternoon

Flower Afternoon and Camilla Binks Photography

head photo and liz rusnac floral design

Liz Rusnac Floral Design and Spotted:Stills Photography

head fleuropean lace-25pp Fleuropean 

head holly chapple anne robert photo 1512636_10152197481797975_608985887_n

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and Anne Robert Photography 

head Michele Hart Photography  and cori cook140115_7michelehartphoto_0027-3047398213-O

Cori Cook Floral Design and Michele Hart Photography

head rustic-red-wedding-ideas-6 Jen Wojcik Photography  and adrianne smith floral design

Adrianne Smith Floral Design and Jen Wojcik Photography

head  Donny Zavala Photography and ponderosa and thyme 1797332_10152289867999154_702388194_n

head  Donny Zavala Photography and ponderosa and thyme 10013128_10152289867924154_1341898458_n

Ponderosa & Thyme and Donny Zavala Photography

Have a terrific weekend!

Flower Workshop In Beautiful Boone, North Carolina


  Kelly Perry of Philosophy Flowers and Heather Payne of Heather Payne Photography reached out to me with an invitation for my readers to come create with them in person in the beautiful mountains of Boone, Carolina.  Kelly studied to be a teacher in college and this workshop brings together three
things she is very passionate about — flowers, people and education.


During the flower workshop on May 18th-20th, attendees will sample hundreds of spring flowers and get hands-on instruction in building arrangements and perfecting them for the camera.  Students will create individual pieces that will be shot by Heather on film for personal portfolios and the class will
come together as “Team Flower” to create a stunning group editorial piece! Kelly has also booked some amazing guest speakers who will share apps to help you maximize your business, wardrobe essentials for the modern florist, tips on styling to sell and getting your work published, and quick culinary delights for the times you’re so busy petal pushing that you don’t have time to eat!   


I love that Kelly has planned a thoughtful, inclusive workshop that will teach students
practical floral design skills and keys to building a strong business. Hope you’ll consider taking advantage of this opportunity. There are only a few seats left! Learn more about the itinerary by
visiting or email Kelly directly at to reserve your space.  Please inquire by April 1st! 

Flower Workshop Flyer