Friday, March 14, 2014


mum disbud nine blooms au947014_10151405175371712_1228791544_n

Nine Blooms 

mum love n fresh flowers KimNate1

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers 

mum pompom1236971_10151888239466257_193730425_n solomon bloemen

Solomon Bloemen 

mum teacups2 dandelion ranch

Dandelion Ranch 

mum tend4


mum the posh posey 1939794_753687727976016_1820462263_n

The Posh Posey  

mums 249157_574280215963218_1074978224_n philippa craddock flowers

Philippa Craddock Flowers 

mums IMG_1111_HighRes floral art

Floral Art 

mums SAM_0750 fantasy floral

Fantasy Floral

mums tumblr_m7rzl2C8ta1qbxfpfo1_1280 flower girl nyc

Flower Girl NYC

mum Love-n-Fresh-Flowers5 (2)

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

mum naughton-0565 yellow spider mums, fuchsia ‘Thalia’ dahlias, yellow ‘crespidia’ billy balls and fuchsia clover. soulflower


mum Love-n-Fresh-Flowers8

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

mums IMG_8956_HighRes floral art

Floral Art

Hope you have a great weekend! I’ve got so much to share with you next week from my trips to Austin and NYC. Meet you back here on Monday!

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