Monday, April 14, 2014


Here’s a little bloom that’s been pretty quiet over the last year…

stephanotis austin_wedding_npr10 clark lara

Clark Lara Photography

stephanotis 318800_10151290699425152_168036546_n flora organica designs and muir adams photo

Flora Organica Designs and Muir Adams Photography

stephanotis 224153_10150182779511570_428953_n three sisters flowers

Three Sisters 

stephanotis bridesl-flowers-white-callas-orchids-stephanotis-roses  flora nova seattle

Flora Nova

stephanotis bRotker0037 stoneblossom

Stoneblossom and Snap! Weddings

stephanotis DSC_0390  courtenay lambert florals

Courtenay Lambert Floral Design 

stephanotis ElegantMain_expanded belle fleur  1

Belle Fleur 

stephanotis Flora-Nova-Design-Four-Seasons-Seattle-wedding-white-orchids-silver (4) Red Thread Images

Flora Nova and Red Thread Images

stephanotis katenick12 Meg Smith

Meg Smith Photography

stephanotis MCR_9496-370x518 Matt Ramos Photography and fleurtacious designs

Fleurtacious Designs and Matt Ramos Photography

stephanotis MSDetails016beautiful blooms events

Beautiful Blooms Events 

stephanotis Nicole_Rowe_Wedding_12 precious pear

Precious Pear

stephanotis pink majolica roses and pink sweet peas, I love adding pink cut crystals to the centers of stephanotis blooms. michelle rago

Michelle Rago

stephanotis planet flowers and blue sky photo560851_10151925022996019_182472338_n Planet Flowers and Blue Sky Photography

stephanotis tic tock couture florals 1

Tic-Tock Couture Florals 

black and white  flowers to be by bree0_0_0_0_250_352_csupload_61490554_large

Flowers To Be by Bree

DSC_8633-2 dahlphotog

Dahl Photog

Happy Monday!


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Anonymous said...

I love stephanotis -- I don't love bouquets that have "pearls" or other equally fake jewels inserted into each blossom's throat. Which was 95% of the ones shown. The few that have natural stephs look so much more beautiful to me. Thanks for the collection.