Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Working Designer Wednesday

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I hear from you each week. #1 in the line-up today is for those of you who worry about the negative vibes you get from certain people in your lives when you are experiencing success…

1. “Next time you get hated on, remember what a lot of them are really saying.” Read more here.

2. A favorite tutorial by Ovandohere.

ovando Final-Step

3. Designers Album…photos of designers that made me smile…

designer 1461550_546766575406548_172899889_n the blue carrot and modern vintage weddings photo

Susanne @ The Blue Carrot 

designer 20130730_britt_chudleigh_0004 honey of a thousand flowers Britt Chudleigh photo

Sarah @ Honey of a Thousand Flowers (Britt Chudleigh Photography)

designer adrienne smith working 1186040_10150323084299991_480714324_n

Adrianne @ Adrianne Smith Floral Design 

designer as child 1234600_375646492564784_873685972_n sachi rose

A very young Sachi Rose 

designer free time angie posh designs 1238988_10103755104527304_524734542_n

Angie @ Posh Floral Designs 

designer free time eric fredricks 1237622_10151855227935568_1001777927_n

Eric @ Bee’s Wedding & Event Floral Designs

designer holly-class2 margaret giverny design genevieve leiper photo

Margaret @ Giverny Design (Genevieve Leiper Photography)

designer Julia Rose relaxing after a long flower day 1229910_10151839395981768_1754386016_n

Julia Rose@ Wedding Flowers by Julia Rose

designer stacie-picking-flowers stacie at blush custom floral

Stacie @ Blush Custom Floral 

designer stacy k 10003502_10203472546844040_868887550_n

Stacy @ Stacy K Floral 

4. Pop Tulips! For Instant Happiness…click here.

5. Office spaces I love…

office 1174644_578477095544526_2047328206_n the creeping fig

The Creeping Fig 

office 56569810_qq6s12wb_c blueprint bliss

Blueprint Bliss

shop tulip lesley1424396_10152040556604144_826923969_n


studio 1236058_10151682605408402_582568354_n lonny ,agazine

Lonny Magazine 

studio 1400678_10151637871801254_715175304_o rachel kabukala photography

Rachel Kabukala Photography

6. A day in the life of Megan Connelly, owner of Meg Catherine Flowers…read about it here.


7. And because it’s finally spring, some favorite outdoor spaces…

outdoor 625538_437050206338856_690401380_n mondrian hotel in soho

Mondrian Soho Hotel

outdoor 1098279_563474620378107_1630584583_n Beaux Mondes  photo

Beaux Mondes

outdoor 1185125_574668512592051_140963595_n the creeping fig

The Creeping Fig

outdoor 1208730_576646402394357_216284108_n troy rhone garden design

Troy Rhone Garden Design 

outdoor 1238014_556530214414415_898551547_n Molly Wood Garden Design

Molly Wood Garden Design 

8. Printed materials that caught my eye…

printed guest towels to go with bouquets 10254034_10152370505132446_5030401034889826286_n

Alicia Jayne Florals

(printed paper guest towels to leave with the bridal party to catch bouquet drips)

printed material denise fasanello promo books by artifact uprising 1538695_10152129751408850_1277927068_n

Denise Fasanello (promo books by Artifact Uprising)

printed thistle and honey 971484_513696815406558_1074631052_n

Thistle and Honey 

Have a great Wednesday!


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