Friday, May 30, 2014


poke berries 994850_630562790289359_1054231004_n florisity


pokeweed 64146_10151848947828678_1502364558_n isari flower studio and Jen Wojcik Photography


pokeweed 246629_10151266349472625_474621884_n valley flower company

Valley Flower Company 

poke berries roses-by-claire-bouquet-les-jolies-pinpantes-1

Roses by Claire 

pokeberries bows and arrows 1236171_10151900654480522_1730867339_n

Bows and Arrows 

pokeweed once like a spark photo and gertie maes unnamed

Gertie Mae’s and Once Like a Spark Photography

pokeweed 547325_668233949868609_127859750_n southern blooms by Pat's Floral Designs

Southern Blooms by Pat’s Floral Designs 

pokeweed 1231703_10200586321076915_442257311_n mt lebanon floral

Mt. Lebanon Floral 

pokeweed 994834_624273450918293_2013591148_n florisity


pokeweed ACF4C67  radeff design studios and lisa lefkowitz

Radeff Design Studios and Lisa Lefkowitz Photography 

pokeweed francoise weeks and honeysuckle photo 1475977_10201588435647412_953397039_n

Francoise Weeks and Honeysuckle Photography

pokeweed web4 florisity


Have a great weekend!



Great flower lady said...

Oh my I have a ton of this around my back yard I might have to use some this fall

Belinda said...

So pretty but knowing my luck it's probably a noxious weed in Australia :-(