Saturday, May 17, 2014

Succulent Saturday

succulent 10150713_10152302772919144_1754950797_n


succulent exquisite design chicago and Studio Starling  Wedding-cake-with-succulents-682x1024

Exquisite Designs and Studio Starling

succulent nature compsed and jodi miller photo livingwreathworkshop-sugarmagnolias-9.11

Nature Composed and Jodi Miller Photography

succulent vicki grafton photo 10365855_709937342401776_3417618094553276605_n

Vicki Grafton Photography 

succulents 10246594_10152137754553871_9006829403264970708_n posey floral and event design


succulents 10294506_10152122667822333_8292096264780051173_n camelback flowershop

Camelback Flowershop 

succulents botanica 10351767_10152093127776657_5381870656256141496_n


succulents lilla bello 983655_731834160210901_1246933550048425135_n

Lilla Bello 

succulents MG FLoral Design FB 1374175_540486999365543_2140977229_n

MG Floral Design

succulents nature composed and jodi miller photolivingwreathworkshop-sugarmagnolias-2

Nature Composed and Jodi Miller Photography

succulents Sophie de Lignerolles photo and lila b1604942_10152137904529051_741513737_n

Lila B and Sophia de Lignerolles Photography

Have a great weekend!

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