Monday, June 9, 2014

Tree Peony

tree peonies 00021-amy-merrick

Amy Merrick 

tree peonies 984027_539812989398981_424937955_n mckenzie powell designs

McKenzie Powell 

tree peonies 1017328_636819519663045_1457587617_n backslash blog and tinge floral

Tinge and Blush

tree peonies 5728168985_06fde3dc70_z honey and poppies

Honey and Poppies 

tree peonies 6411324671_9f85e5da6a_b amy merrick

Amy Merrick

tree peony 295404_10151471092407975_664782365_n holly chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

tree peony 00053-amy-merrick

Amy Merrick

tree peony 480899_10151616966419660_1587637196_n stoneblossom


tree peony 1013169_636818359663161_1578685561_n backslash blog and tinge floral

Tinge and Blush

tree peony b_IMG_93072 mckenzie powell

McKenzie Powell

tree peony honey of a thousand flowers and Jessica Peterson photo8320003744-R1-E005

Honey of a Thousand Flowers and Jessica Peterson Photography 

tree peony Kate Thomas-4 Details-0012 Stephanie Court Photograhpy and fleurs de fallon

Fleurs de Fallon and Stephanie Court Photography

tree peony petal 10346645_10152870871104746_4497146945585384082_n


tree peony studio kate and diana marie photography 10257963_676856595683372_3035679178851124908_n

Studio Kate and Diana Marie Photography

600808_610914572254371_1793409178_n SULLIVAN OWEN

Sullivan Owen 

946965_606135696065402_410182555_n florisity


5728724376_ac4874588a_z honey and poppies

Honey & Poppies 

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

jeri said...

These are just yummy! How do you mend from a broken heart? I had to leave all my beautiful tree peonies when we moved last fall. Hopefully, I can afford at least one new bush. Thanks for the treat!